Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Support

Deadline for written questions: 11.28.2017
Deadline for submissions: 12.18.2017

The Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) maintains multiple databases that
consolidate fisheries-dependent and independent data from various state and federal agencies on
the fisheries of Alaska and the West Coast. PSMFC programs associated with these databases include
the Alaska Fisheries Information Network (AKFIN), the Pacific Fisheries Information Network (PacFIN)
and the Recreational Fisheries Information Network (RecFIN). These data sets are used by managers
and stock assessors to estimate population sizes, detect trends and examine the effects of different
management activities. Fishing activity plays an important role in local and regional economies and
PSMFC maintains data that helps economists and industry better understand the role of fisheries in
the economy. PSMFC is seeking proposals to assist with data analytics and business intelligence (BI)

Posted: 11.21.2017

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Development of a User-Friendly Web-Based Interface for a Fish Passage Barrier Remediation Tool

Deadline for written questions: 12.1.2017
Deadline for submissions: 12.15.2017

Develop a user-friendly web-based interface for OptiPass, a decision support tool used by the
California Fish Passage Forum, by November of 2018.
A project-scoping phase of the proposal will be important to design the user interface based on
input from a focus group of potential end-users and the authors of OptiPass. An end-user testing
phase will also be very important.

Posted: 11.16.2017

FishPass Web Interface RFP Q&A

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Request for Proposals: Economic Data Report Data Verification Audit

Deadline for written questions: 8.21.2017
Deadline for submissions: 9.1.2017

PSMFC is soliciting cost proposals in this RFP for a contractor to implement and complete the third-party
verification audit protocols as specified below for EDR forms submitted during calendar year 2016 and
2017 with a potential for annual contract renewal through 2021. We welcome proposals that describe
alternative methods or protocols in addition to those specified below, and associated costs, which are
aimed at improving the effectiveness and/or efficiency of the data validation process employed by the
EDR program to date. A review committee coordinated by PSMFC will review proposals and make a
selection. Any individuals or entities that are members of the review committee and who also submit
proposals or who may directly benefit from a proposal must recuse themselves from the review process.

Posted: 8.1.2017


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Deadline for written questions: 7.28.2017
Deadline for submissions: 8.25.2017
RFP Updated 7.14.2017

The general goal of this task is to provide timely information by gear, area, and season on activities undertaken by the groundfish fleet. The specific goals of this task and the activities undertaken by NOAA Fisheries are:
1. Improve management of groundfish by improving estimate of total catch, primarily through ongoing collection of information on at sea discarded catch which will complement shore side information on landed catch
2. Improve estimates of total catch of prohibited and protected species in the groundfish fishery
3. Improve management by collecting better biological and economic information from the groundfish fishery
4. Provide a timely and efficient system for collection, storage, analysis and communication of information

Posted: 7.3.2017

WC Observer RFP Q&A 8-8-17

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Workshop Facilitation to Address Invasive Forms of Research on Cook Inlet Beluga Whales

Deadline for written questions: 5.19.2017
Deadline for submissions: 5.31.2017

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is for the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) to procure the professional services of a contractor that will coordinate with the National Marine Fisheries Service’s (NMFS) Alaska Region (AKR) Protected Resources Division (PRD) staff to plan and facilitate a workshop to address invasive forms of research on endangered Cook Inlet beluga whales (CIB).

Understanding the characteristics of this beluga population is crucial for effective management. Conducting research that uses invasive methods is one way to collect population data. Recently, NMFS identified the need for continuing population monitoring in both the Species in the Spotlight Action Plan for CIB 1 , and in the Recovery Plan for CIB 2 . The Recovery Plan specifically recommends the following recovery action: “Hold а workshop to consider the feasibility, risks, and benefits of different sampling techniques such as breath capture, remote ultrasound, and live captures to obtain samples and measures for further analysis.” While this recovery action serves as a useful guide in crafting an agenda for this workshop, it is important to note that with technological and methodological advances, other forms of invasive research not alluded to above may be worthy of consideration during the workshop.

Posted: 5.8.2017

Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Workshop Q&A

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Vessel Needed for Conservation Engineering Studies of Trawl Gear in the BS Pollock Fishery Evaluating Salmon Excluders, Behavior and Trawl Footrope

Deadline for written questions: 5.19.2017
Deadline for submissions: 6.9.2017

The Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) has a requirement for a trawl vessel and crew to conduct studies in 2017 to evaluate the performance of trawl gear being utilized in Alaskan fisheries and fish behavior in those nets. The base charter will consist of 10 charter days, with an option for the PSMFC to extend the contract for up to 10 additional charter days and for one-year option periods (2018 and 2019).

The purpose of this research is to better understand and determine mitigation measures for bycatch, bycatch mortality, and contact of trawl gear with the seafloor. Primary research goals for the charter trips will focus on, but are not limited to (1) increasing salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) and halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) escapement rates for commercial fishing gear; evaluating the dynamics of the pelagic trawl gear used to capture walleye Pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus,, “pollock”); and determining optimal ways to monitor fish behavior in the trawl net.

Posted: 5.1.2017

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Coordinator for Pacific Marine and Estuarine Fish Habitat Partnership (PMEP) Request for Proposals

Deadline for written questions: 1.20.2017
Deadline for submissions: 2.3.2017

PMEP, a recognized Fish Habitat Partnership (FHP) under the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Fish Habitat Action Plan (NFHAP), is seeking a half -time coordinator/staffer to work with the PMEP Board and its committees to advance and further its mission and goals.

PMEP’s mission is to protect, enhance, and restore ecological processes and habitats to sustain healthy native fish communities and support sustainable human uses that depend on healthy fish populations. See for information on PMEP’s work and publications

Its strategic framework recognizes, as a current priority, the importance of estuary habitat to the production of juvenile fish. It works with partners to increase habitat quantity, quality and connectivity for juvenile fish. It also works to further the understanding of habitat needs of juvenile fish in nearshore and estuary environments see

Posted: 1.6.2017


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Electronic Monitoring Systems for Alaska Pot Gear Vessels

Deadline for written questions: 10.14.2016
Deadline for submissions: 10.28.2016

This document provides a Request for Proposal (RFP) for electronic monitoring (EM) camera system provider(s) to employ EM among vessels fishing with pot gear and operating in Alaskan waters.

Beginning in 2013, a restructured funding and deployment system for observer coverage in the North Pacific Groundfish and Pacific halibut fisheries extended observer coverage requirements to a wider range of vessels than had been previously included in the North Pacific Groundfish Observer Program. A percentage of vessels included in this extended coverage may be unable to accommodate an observer onboard to meet the observer coverage requirements primarily due to vessel size or space available for observer sampling duties. To address this challenge, a component of the restructured program includes provisions for the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to develop and incorporate electronic video monitoring as a means of meeting coverage requirements if NMFS determines an observer cannot be accommodated on these vessels. In addition, development of electronic video monitoring for use on larger vessels to supplement observer data collection activities may be required, inclusive of electronic monitoring of trawl and pot vessels.

Posted: 9.23.2016


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Developing Borough and Census Area (BCA)-level Regional Economic Models for Southwest Alaska Fisheries

Deadline for written questions: 9.9.2016
Deadline for submissions: 9.28.2016

The first objective of the proposed project is to (i) develop a SAM for each of the six BCAs and (ii) develop a
multi-regional SAM (MRSAM) for each of the six BCAs. Five regions will be specified in each of the six
MRSAMs: a BCA in SW, rest of SW (RSW), rest of Alaska (RAK), West Coast (WC), and rest of US (RUS). The
second objective is to develop single-region and multi-regional economic models including SAM models and
computable general equilibrium (CGE) models using the SAMs and MRSAMs. In developing the SAMs/
MRSAMs, the contractor will need to combine non-seafood data from IMPLAN with seafood industries’
data from the surveys and interviews recently completed. Results from these models will be useful for
fishery managers and others who are interested in understanding the economic impacts of fishery
management actions or exogenous shocks (such as climate change) on fishing dependent communities in
SW region and other regions.

Posted: 8.26.2016

RFC BCA-level Regional Economic Models Q&A

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Economic Data Reports Web Form and Database

Deadline for written questions: 9.12.2016
Deadline for submissions: 10.7.2016

PSMFC is seeking to subcontract with an information technology (IT) company to provide support in the following key areas:

 * maintain and develop secure online data collection web application using Microsoft .NET and supporting development tools;

 * maintain and develop XML and relational database schemas and scripted database management procedures in Oracle, monitor automated ETL processes, and conduct routine data process QA/QC audit procedures;

 * provide ongoing technical support to PSMFC during periods of active user access to web application to ensure that application remains operational and data integrity is maintained, and address critical technical issues rapidly and efficiently

Posted: 8.22.2016

RFP Deadline changed to 10.7.2016

RFP EDR Web Form Q&A

EDR Architecture Specification

EDR Data Model

EDR Stage Data Model

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