CLOSED: PSMFC Indirect Cost Allocation Study RFP

Submission deadline passed.

PSMFC will contract with a single firm to provide the services described herein. Proposals shall fully address the scope of work below and include a description of all deliverables and activities. PSMFC expects to award a contract by July 1, 2011. The contract term shall be for five years and will include services to initially develop an ICAP and train staff to update this plan on an annual basis. The contract may also include options to renew the contract for additional periods of time.

Q&A Responses – posted 5.13.2011

Original posting date: 4.12.2011

CLOSED: Electronic Fisheries System for West Coast Commercial Fisheries RFP

Submission deadline passed.

The Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) successfully deployed the E-Ticket and Compliance Monitor applications into the production environment on January 11, 2011 enabling electronic data submissions of West Coast commercial fisheries landing data. The predecessor of this system was used in the West Coast whiting fishery for the last four years.
PSMFC is seeking proposals to provide continued support for this system as well as enhancements over time. The current needs of this project are to:

1. Provide maintenance and technical support of the existing .NET web services system;
2. Provide maintenance and technical support of the existing Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) Server database;
3. Identify and evaluate technology options for data capture and transfer protocols to extend the existing programs including      replacement of the existing distributed Microsoft Access application used by:
     a. fish buyers to electronically capture and submit fish ticket data
     b. fish plant Compliance Monitors (CMs) to electronically capture and submit CM reports
Assist with future enhancements as needed during the life of this contract.

Q&A Responses – posted on 5.2.11

Original posting date: 4.11.2011