Testing a Flexigrid System to Reduce Bycatch of Juvenile Sablefish in the West Coast Groundfish Bottom Trawl Fishery

Deadline for written questions: 05.13.2021
Deadline for submission: 05.20.2021

The Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) intends to charter one groundfish bottom trawl vessel for 10 sample days (depending on charter rate) to test a Flexigrid system to reduce bycatch of juvenile sablefish in the West Coast groundfish bottom trawl fishery. The Flexigrid system consists of a double grid system to provide smaller-sized sablefish increased escapement opportunities. The desired timeline to completed this work is between 15 August and 30 October 2021. PSMFC will be responsible for designing the project and providing all scientific equipment needed for the project. The Contractor agrees to furnish a vessel, crew, main wire, and doors necessary for bottom trawling for groundfish species. PSMFC will supply the sweeps, trawl, Flexigrid excluder, and codend. The captain and crew must be available during all scientific operations. To ensure full use of each sample day, the captain and crew should make any necessary transit arrangements to begin fishing operations at the start of each sample day. All fishing will occur during daylight hours.

Posted: 05.06.2021

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