Request for Proposals: Economic Data Report Data Verification Audit

Deadline for written questions: 8.21.2017
Deadline for submissions: 9.1.2017

PSMFC is soliciting cost proposals in this RFP for a contractor to implement and complete the third-party
verification audit protocols as specified below for EDR forms submitted during calendar year 2016 and
2017 with a potential for annual contract renewal through 2021. We welcome proposals that describe
alternative methods or protocols in addition to those specified below, and associated costs, which are
aimed at improving the effectiveness and/or efficiency of the data validation process employed by the
EDR program to date. A review committee coordinated by PSMFC will review proposals and make a
selection. Any individuals or entities that are members of the review committee and who also submit
proposals or who may directly benefit from a proposal must recuse themselves from the review process.

Posted: 8.1.2017


Download the full Request for Proposals (RFP) by clicking the Download RFP button below