Entanglement Science Call for Proposals

Deadline for written questions: 02.19.2021
Deadline for submission: 03.19.2021

The California Ocean Protection Council (OPC) protects California’s coast and ocean by
advancing innovative, science-based policy and management, making strategic
investments, and catalyzing action through partnerships and collaboration. OPC’s vision
is to ensure healthy, resilient and productive ocean and coastal ecosystems for the
benefit of current and future generations. OPC is committed to ensuring that policy and
management decisions affecting California’s ocean and coastal resources are based on
the best available science.

To achieve progress and priorities delineated in OPC’s ​ Strategic Priorities to Protect
California’s Coast and Ocean for 2020-2025​, OPC is partnering with Pacific States
Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) to announce this opportunity to support OPC’s
Strategy for Reducing the Risk of Entanglement in California Fishing Gear
(Entanglement Strategy) over the next 3 years. PSFMC will handle receipt and review of
proposals, and management of awards, in consultation with OPC, that will be based on
the Strategy.

Entanglement Science RFP Q&A

Posted: 02.08.2020

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