Developing Borough and Census Area (BCA)-level Regional Economic Models for Southwest Alaska Fisheries

Deadline for written questions: 9.9.2016
Deadline for submissions: 9.28.2016

The first objective of the proposed project is to (i) develop a SAM for each of the six BCAs and (ii) develop a
multi-regional SAM (MRSAM) for each of the six BCAs. Five regions will be specified in each of the six
MRSAMs: a BCA in SW, rest of SW (RSW), rest of Alaska (RAK), West Coast (WC), and rest of US (RUS). The
second objective is to develop single-region and multi-regional economic models including SAM models and
computable general equilibrium (CGE) models using the SAMs and MRSAMs. In developing the SAMs/
MRSAMs, the contractor will need to combine non-seafood data from IMPLAN with seafood industries’
data from the surveys and interviews recently completed. Results from these models will be useful for
fishery managers and others who are interested in understanding the economic impacts of fishery
management actions or exogenous shocks (such as climate change) on fishing dependent communities in
SW region and other regions.

Posted: 8.26.2016

RFC BCA-level Regional Economic Models Q&A

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Economic Data Reports Web Form and Database

Deadline for written questions: 9.12.2016
Deadline for submissions: 10.7.2016

PSMFC is seeking to subcontract with an information technology (IT) company to provide support in the following key areas:

 * maintain and develop secure online data collection web application using Microsoft .NET and supporting development tools;

 * maintain and develop XML and relational database schemas and scripted database management procedures in Oracle, monitor automated ETL processes, and conduct routine data process QA/QC audit procedures;

 * provide ongoing technical support to PSMFC during periods of active user access to web application to ensure that application remains operational and data integrity is maintained, and address critical technical issues rapidly and efficiently

Posted: 8.22.2016

RFP Deadline changed to 10.7.2016

RFP EDR Web Form Q&A

EDR Architecture Specification

EDR Data Model

EDR Stage Data Model

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