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Washington DC Update

NOAA Blue Book 2014 Web Full

NOAA Update


Fish Populations In The US Rebound

Stock Productivity And Harvest Rates


Bering Sea Canyons

New Fish Passage North Umpqua

Returning Salmon

Salmon Bring A Better Life To Eastern Washington

National Ocean Policy

Joint Ocean Commission Initiative

Electronic Catch Reporting

Facial Recognition Technology - Future Of Fisheries Management

NOAA Testing Whether Unmanned Aircraft Can Help

NOAA Federal Regional Update


Corps Chooses No Action On Gull Predation Of Terns

Columbia River

Agencies Release Draft Recommendations

Another Mixed Message From Mother Nature

Feds OK Lower Columbia Recovery Plan

Hydro Bi Op At Half Way Point

Influence Of Multiple Dam Passage

Latest Data Shows Barging Fish

NOAA and Partner Scientists Discover Portfolio Effect

Oregon Passes Bill Paves Way For Salmon Harvest Reform

Salmon Bring A Better Life To Eastern Washington

Endangered Species

ESA Listed Steelhead Extinction Risk

NOAA Finds Federal Protection Pacific White Shark Not Warranted

Notice Of Intent To Prepare Recovery Plan - Pacific Eulachon

Recovery Plan Oregon Coho


Big Questions Still Haunt Lower Snake Hatchery Plan

Judge Explains Sandy River Hatchery Release Ruling

Review Of The Lower Snake River Comp Plan

Klamath River

Federal Report - Removing Four Dams

Interior EIS Recommends Removal Of Klamath River Dams

Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement Extended

Oregon County Seeks To Back Out Of Kalamath Deal

Wyden - Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement

Ocean Conditions

Arctic Ocean Acidifying Rapidly

Coos Bay Oysters OK With Acid

Coping With Ocean Acidification

EPA Takes Toward Water Quality Standards

Krill Mysteriously Dying Off Oregon Coast

Ocean Acidification - Time to Change (feat. Ryan Yoo)

Study - Ocean Acidification Killing Oysters

Washington’s First Ocean Acidification Legislation

West Coast Salmon Runs Fluctuated Hugely Before Commercial Fishing

Climate Change Arctic

BCs Iconic Fish Species Being Displaced

Climate Assessment - Near 100 Percent Chance NW Summer Flow Reductions

Climate Change Report

NW Rivers Hydro Geology Important Factoring Climate Change Impact

Study Climate Change Threatens Extinction

Warming Oceans Are Reshaping Fisheries - Scientists Detect Global Shift

Marine Debris

HR1425 - Amend Marine Debris Act

Japanese Tsunami Vessels Arrive In BC Waters

Live Fish Found In Likely Tsunami Debris

Rising Radioactive Spills Leave Fukushima Fishermen Floundering

SB Introduced - Tsunami Debris

Tsunami Debris Hits California

Invasive Species

Asian Carp May Be Back In Lake Erie

BC Government Amends The Controlled Alien Species Reg

Dead Loons Northern Michigan Shorelines

Destructive Quagga Mussels Confirmed At Lake Powell

NW States Finding Plenty Of Boats Contaminated With Mussels

Pacific NW Unaffected By Mussel Invasion

Pike Palooza Continues Suppression Effort

Schumer Launches Plan For Rapid Response Grant

Rick Marks

Aquaculture GMO Salmon

Canada’s Surveillance Program

Can Salmon Farming Be Sustainable

Growing Concern On Frankenfood

Markey Eyes Fishing Opposes NOAA Aquaculture

Namgis Closed Containment Salmon Farm

Offshore Aquaculture Regulation

Rep Young Introduces Legislation To Prohibit Aquaculture

Tests Show No Signs Of ISA Virus In WA Salmon

Worlds First Land Based Farm Sockeye Salmon


HR1667 The Prevention Of Excapement

HR1927 More Water And Security For Californians

National Endowment For The Oceans

S267 Pirate Fishing Elimination Act

S269 International Fisheries Stewardship

S542 Maritime Lien Reform Act

S1079 Artificial Reef Promotion

S1344 The Arctic Research Monitoring Observing Act

The Digital Coast Act HR1382

The Reauthorization Of The Integrated Coastal Ocean Observation System

Marine Spatial Planning

California Creates A Globally Significant Network

NOAA Seeks Public Input On Nomination Process

Nomination Of Existing Marine Protected Areas

Public Asked To Help Shape WA Coast Plan

NPDES Ballast Water

Clean Water Act - EPA Issues New Vessel General Permit

Shipping Faces Half Trillion Dollar Environment Costs

Protected Species

Endangered And Threatened Wildlife

Five Year Legal Debate Over Sea Lion

Researchers Hope Crittercams

Appeal Filed In Ninth Circuit On Lethal Sea Lion Removal

The Endangered Salmon Fisheries Predation

Fisheries Predation Prevention Act

Alaska State Lawmaker Proposes Bounty

Experts Say Cutting Chinook Harvest

Seafood Health Certification

Is Sustainable Labeled Seafood Really Sustainable

Oceana Study Reveals Seafood Fraud

Walmart Threatens To Stop Selling Alaska Salmon

WA State Adopts Seafood Fraud Bill

Additional Articles

Elwah Dam - Condit Dam Removal

Tracking Elwha Dam Sediment Flush

Year After Condit Dam Breaching

Fish Tagging

Fish Tagging Forum Finds Some Consensus

Model Being Developed To Gauge Fish Tagging Costs

NWPCC Recommends Continued BPA Funding

Study Uses Cutting Edge Technology To Genetically Tag


Catch And Release For Puget Sounds Rockfish

Certain Cumulative Environmental Damage Caused By Small Dams

Following The Compass Home

Global Sustainability Overview Of Pacific Salmon

Levels Of Some Pesticides Declining In WA Salmon Streams

Marine Predator Prey Relationships

New Research Takes On Future Past Fish Runs

NOAA Seeks Public Input On Proposed Halibut Catch Sharing Plan

Oregon CRAB Project

OR Once Tiny Shrimp Fishery Has Grown

Pebble Pine

EPA Backs Finding That Proposed Mine Would Hurt AK

Lobbying Heats Up In Fight Over Alaska Mine

Seafood Health

Is Sustainable Labeled Seafood Really Sustainable

Oceana Study Reveals Seafood Fraud

WA Adopts Seafood Fraud Bill

Walmart Threatens To Stop Selling AK Salmon

Wave Energy

First Utility Scale Wave Energy Testing

OR DSL Letter To FERC on Reedsport Ocean Power Tech

Scientists Find Impact Of Open Ocean Industrial Fishing