Steelhead Meetings


2021 Pacific Coast Steelhead Management Meeting

March 16-18, 2021
Virtual Meeting
2021 Meeting Agenda

Abstracts and Presentations

Opening Remarks - Roger Harding, Steering Committee Chair, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Retired

Session One - Brief Overview/Highlights of Steelhead Stock Status Review

California - Ryon Kurth, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Oregon - Tom Friesen, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Idaho - Alan Byrne, Idaho Department of Fish and Wildlife

Washington - Dan Rawding, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

British Columbia - Robert Bison, Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development

Alaska - Matt Catterson, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Session Two - (Part 1) Genetics Updates

Can angler-assisted brood stock programs improve the catch rate of hatchery steelhead? Preliminary results from the “Biter Study”- Marc A. Johnson, ODFW

Conservation and Management of Adaptive Genomic Variation - Devon Pearse, NOAA

Evidence of Hatchery-Wild Introgression in A Winter Steelhead Population In The Green River, WA - Bethany Craig, WDFW

Using genetic analysis to assess barriers and historical distribution of steelhead in the Eel River, California - Samantha Heather Kannry, UCD

Session Two - (Part 2) Application of Genetics for Steelhead Management

The Snake River Basin Wild Steelhead Run Reconstruction Model: Genetic Foundations and Management Application - Eric Stark, IDFG

Single parent and grandparent genetic assignments, what is possible and what is not -Tomas Delomas, IDFG

Session 3 - (Part 1) - Review of Population Dynamics Models to Guide Quantitative Management

Combining matrix models and decision theory to manage steelhead harvest - Matt Falcy, ODFW

Skagit Steelhead Integrated Population Model - Mark Scheuerell, USGS, WCFW

Recent Issues in the Idaho Steelhead Fisheries and Use of an Integrated Population Model to Address Them - Lance Hebdon, IDFG

Session 3 - (Part 2) - Review of Best Management Tools Available for Use on Depressed Recreational Stocks

Integrating tools to manage steelhead fisheries - Thomas Buehrens, WDFW

Hooking mortality rates for use in steelhead fisheries - Ian Courter, MHE

Air exposure, fight times, and deep hooking rates of steelhead caught in Idaho fisheries - Luciano Chiaramonte, IDFG

Effects of fishery related fight times and air exposure on pre-spawn survival and reproductive success of adult hatchery steelhead - Don Whitney, IDFG

“Real time” steelhead escapement estimates to maximize potential hatchery harvest rates - Ben Truscott, WDFW

Generating estimates of catch for wild steelhead in recreational fisheries: Challenges and solutions - Kale Bentley, WDFW

Using recreational e-tagging data to monitor steelhead fisheries - Angela Ward and Michelle Jones, ODFW

Session 4 - Challenges and Information Needs for Oregon Steelhead

Measuring the cumulative additive effects of colonial waterbird predation on steelhead survival in the Columbia River Basin - Quinn Payton, U of W

California sea lion predation on steelhead at Willamette Falls, 2014-2019 - Bryan Wright, ODFW

Migration and survival of juvenile winter steelhead above and below high-head dams - Karen M. Cogliati, OSU

The changing North Pacific ecosystem and potential impacts to steelhead - Elizabeth Daly, OSU

Information needs for managing native winter steelhead in the upper Willamette River, Oregon - Luke D. Whitman, ODFW

Session 5 - Invited Papers

Life History Diversity and Energetic Tradeoffs of Oncorhynchus mykiss in the Utkholok River, Kamchatka - Mara Zimmerman, WDFW AND CSP

Abundance and Migration Success of Overshoot Steelhead in the Upper Columbia River - Andrew R. Murdoch, WDFW

Trends, Survival, and Productivity of Wild Steelhead in Idaho - Marika Dobos, IDFG

Environmental DNA (eDNA) Identification of Steelhead and Coho Salmon Redds in the Hoh River, WA - Sarah K. Brown and Mara Zimmerman, WDFW

Variability in harbor seal predation on steelhead smolts in the Nisqually Estuary and main basin of Puget Sound - Megan Moore and Barry Berejikian, NOAA

Ocean movements and behavior of steelhead kelts as revealed by pop-up satellite tags - Emily Miller, Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Impacts of Dam Construction and Removal on the Genetics of Recovering Steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Populations across the Elwha River Watershed - Alexandra K. Fraik, WSU