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Vessel Needed for White Sturgeon Setline Survey Operations

Deadline for written questions: 03.22.2024
Deadline for submission of proposals: 4.02.2024

Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) is seeking up to three (3) Contractors (hereafter “Contractor” or “Offeror”) to furnish approved vessels, the necessary crew, materials, operating equipment, and services to perform the Statement of Work/Specifications specified in the full Request for Proposals.

The PSMFC intends to charter up to three (3) vessels for up to 64 sample days (‘sample day’ defined in section 3.1) to assist in a White Sturgeon mark-recapture study in the San Francisco Estuary (SFE). Two (2) vessels are needed for up to 64 days and one (1) vessel is needed for up to 32 days. The timeline to complete this work is between 1 May – 30 September of the current year. PSMFC will be responsible for implementing the project and providing all required scientific equipment. Preference will be given to Contractors that can provide hydraulic (or adequate electric) line hauling equipment. PSMFC will supply the mainlines (groundline), gangions (snap gear design), hooks, floats, float lines, anchors, and bait. The Captain (or ‘vessel operator’) and crew must be available during all scientific operations. To ensure full use of each sample day, the Captain and crew should make any necessary transit arrangements to begin fishing operations at the start of each sample day. Sampling will only occur when scientific staff are on board the vessel. All gear deployment and retrieval will occur during daylight hours.

Posted: 03.12.2024

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