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Sturgeon Fishing Guide Tagging Program

Deadline for written questions: 03.21.2024
Deadline for submission of proposals: 4.10.2024

Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) is seeking up to eight (8) participating sturgeon fishing charter Captains/ Guides (also referred to as “Contractor” or “Offeror”) to collect data on and implant Passive Integrated Transponders (PIT) tags into all White Sturgeon caught and released during regularly scheduled charter operations. For a description of the terms used within this Statement of Work, please consult the Definitions (Section 5.1).

The PSMFC intends to contract with up to eight (8) sturgeon fishing charter Captains/ Guides for up to 60 days beginning May 1st and ending June 30, 2024 or when funds are exhausted (whichever comes first) to assist in a White Sturgeon mark-recapture study in the San Francisco Estuary (SFE). PSMFC will be responsible for implementing the project and providing all required scientific equipment, including tags, tag implanter, PIT tag scanner, and data collection/recording equipment. Successful Contractors will be required to attend a PSMFC in-person training on tagging and data collection protocols, as well as allow for Scientific staff observations days (see definition for ‘Observation day’ in Section 5.1).

Posted: 03.22.2024

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