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Rick Marks -- Legislation/Policy Update (****Last***)

NOAA Organic Act: Senate, discussion draft Senator Cantwell (August 2023)

H.R. 5103, the “Fishery Improvement to Streamline untimely regulatory Hurdles post Emergency Situation Act” (FISHES Act) (August 2023)

Murkowski Introduces “Improving ARCTIC Act” to Secure Wins for Alaska in Farm Bill (July 2023)

Rep. Hoyle Introduces the Supporting Commercial Fishing in Port Infrastructure Projects Act | Congresswoman Val Hoyle (house.gov) (July 2023)

Biden-Harris Administration announces $2.6 billion  to protect coastal communities and restore marine resources  (June 2023)

Wicker, Schatz Reintroduce AQUAA Act to Advance American Aquaculture - U.S. Sena... (senate.gov) (June 2023)

Federal Register: Request for Information; National Strategy for a Sustainable Ocean Economy (June 2023)

S. 1756 Murkowski, King Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Support Rural Fishing Communities (June 2023)

H.R. 3980 introduced, “National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Act of 2023” (June 2023)

H.R. 3951; “Sustaining Healthy Ecosystems, Livelihoods and Local Seafood Act” (June 2023)

S. 2182 Wild USA Seafood: Murkowski Bill Would Label American-Caught Seafood, Support American Fishermen (senate.gov) (June 2023)

Permitting Reform Hitches a Ride on Debt Ceiling Legislation | Marten Law Leading environmental and energy lawyers (May 2023)

H.R. 2950, Coastal Habitat Conservation Act of 2023” (April 2023)

Huffman, Peltola Introduce Bill to Support Alternative, Sustainable Agriculture | U.S.  (March 2023)

Senator Markey, Rep. Moulton Announce Bicameral Efforts on National Offshore Wind and Fisheries Compensation (senate.gov) (December 2022)

Shark fin ban passes in Congress, attached to defense bill | National Fisherman (December 2022)

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