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“Other Articles of Interest “

Other Articles of Interest

 Fisheries official denies coverup allegations over research into endangered B.C. steelhead (August 2022)

Remembering Congressman Don Young (March 2022)

Norton Sound crab fishery bounces back with record year following fishing hiatus (August 2022)

Fraser River Sockeye salmon returns look promising (August 2022)

UW, Buying Sustainable Seafood: A new shopping guide for the grocery store (2022)

Sockeye salmon run in Bristol Bay Alaska sets all-time record (July 2022)

Video: In the Same Boat (Bristol Bay Salmon fishery).

Experimental Fishing Permit Program CA Fish & Game Commission (July 2022)

NOAA Fisheries to Review Critical Habitat for Rare Large Whale Species in Alaska (July 2022)

The MSC standard under review – where did it start and where is it going? (January 2022)

Ocean Conditions/Acidification

An ocean first: Underwater drone tracks CO2 in Alaska gulf (May 2022)

Fearing a threat to shellfish industry, Washington Legislature provides funds for kelp, eelgrass protection (April 2022)

New Pacific Salmon Foundation research sheds new light on open ocean survival (March 2022)

Stanford researchers investigate squid found far from home (March 2022)

Wind/Ocean Energy

US House Passes Crew Mandate Called ‘Gut Punch’ to Offshore Wind (July 2022)

BOEM: Guidelines for Mitigating Impacts to Commercial and Recreational Fisheries on

the Outer Continental Shelf Pursuant to 30 CFR Part 585 (June 2022)

Tribe raises concerns about offshore wind development (July 2022)

The Race to Build Wind Farms That Float on the Open Sea (July 2022)

BOEM Seeks Public Comment on Draft Fisheries Mitigation Strategy (June 2022)

OPINION: Don't Endanger Aquatic Ecosystems in the Name of Solving Climate Change (June 2022)

Wind Power Developer Zeroes in on 3 Areas Off Oregon's South Coast (June 2022)

Fishing advocates seek new funding for offshore wind studies (June 2022)

RODA Letter to House and Senate Requesting Funding to NMFS for Survey Impact Mitigation and Cooperative Research (June 2022)

Fishermen Join Forces Amid Humboldt County Offshore Wind Development (June 2022)

New York wind developers, environmental groups sign agreement on right whales (June 2022)

Bird Mortality at Renewable Energy Facilities have Population-level Effects (May 2022)

West Coast Fishermen, Processors Stage Rally to Promote Seafood Industry in Oregon (May 2022)

Survey conflicts test relations between wind, fishing industries (April 2022)

Offshore Wind Development in Oregon: A Status Report (April 2022)

A Church Tribe and Conservationists are Fighting a Controversial Offshore Wind Power Plan (April 2022)

Biden-Harris Administration Advances Offshore Wind Energy Leasing on Atlantic and Pacific Coasts (April 2022)

BOEM Receives Unsolicited Request for Washington State Wind Farm Lease (April 2022)

NMFS, BOEM issue offshore wind ‘mitigation strategy’ for fisheries studies (March 2022)

Potential offshore wind power areas ‘shock’ Oregon fishing industry (February 2022)

Oregon fishing advocates organize to pressure BOEM on offshore wind (February 2022)

BOEM Seeks Public Comment on Draft Environmental Analysis of Northern California Wind Energy Area (January 2022)

Demand for Offshore Wind Power Will Trigger an Unprecedented Race for Ocean Space (January 2022)

TPPF: Vineyard Wind Project Violates Federal Law (December 2021)

Fishing industry worries Biden offshore wind effort will cost jobs (October 2021)

Secretary Haaland Outlines Ambitious Offshore Wind Leasing Strategy (October 2021)

Columbia River:

Parties in federal salmon lawsuit seek pause in litigation (October 2021)

Joint Statement from Senator Murray and Governor Inslee on Establishing a Joint Federal-State Process on Snake River Salmon Recovery (October 2021)

Salmon Ocean Survival

Salmon on the High Seas: Unlocking the Mystery of Salmon in the North Pacific (March 2022)

New Pacific Salmon Foundation research sheds new light on open ocean survival (March 2022)

Survivor Salmon that Withstand Drought and Ocean Warming Provide a Lifeline for California Chinook (October 2021)

Climate Change

Project to study effect of climate change on salmon streams (May 2022)

New Global Forecasts of Marine Heatwaves Foretell Ecological and Economic Impacts (April 2022)

Avoiding ocean mass extinction from climate warming (April 2022)

Study previews how climate change may alter rain-making atmospheric rivers by 2100 (March 2022)

Climate Change has Likely Begun to Suffocate the World's Fisheries (February 2022)

New Approach To Evaluate Fish Stock Productivity Under Changing Climate Conditions (December 2021)

Invasive Species

Protecting cage and pen fisheries from invasive species is a big challenge. (August 2022)

Green crab making inroads into Hood Canal (June 2022)

Biologists Begin Tagging Study of Pike Movement, Breeding Areas in Three Western Montana Watersheds; Anglers Urged to Report Tagged Fish (April 2022)

American Shad in the Columbia River: Past, Present, Future (October 2021)

Aquaculture, GMO Salmon

Jury awards $595,000 to Lummi tribe for salmon pen collapse (June 2022)

The rancher who is a scientist: Carmel Valley man uses his lab discoveries to help his ranch fight climate change (May 2022)

Mixed reactions to NOAA biological opinion on impact of WA fish-net pens (April 2022)

Find out more about Nordic AquaFarms this Thursday (April 2022)

Is seaweed the new kale? This Oregon company hopes so (March 2022)

Seeds planted: Alaska kelp nursery tests farms for fishermen (January 2022)

New Fisheries Minister no fan of salmon farms in BC’s oceans (October 2021)

Fish Habitat

PW: U.S., Canadian Scientists Publish Review Of Mining Risks To Salmon-Bearing Watersheds; 3,600 Active, Abandoned Mines Sitting In Fish Habitat (July 2022)

PW: New Regulatory Tool Released For Development That To Date Has Altered, Eliminated 70 Percent Of Nearshore Salmon Habitat In Puget Sound, Salish Sea (July 2022)

Submit a comment to the EPA that you support strong Clean Water Act protections for the Bristol Bay region for its people, fish, and fish-based industries. (June 2022)

Two Fish Passage Funding Opportunities Open Under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, One Focused on Indian Tribes (June 2022)

OPINION: EPA must use Clean Water Act authority to protect Bristol Bay (June 2022)

USGS and Kenai Watershed Forum to Collaborate on Fish Habitat and  (May 2022)

Environmentalists, fishermen threaten to sue PG&E over Potter Valley Project (April 2022)

Salmon Management

$95 Million in NOAA Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Funding Recommended to Reverse the Declines of West Coast Salmon and Steelhead (July 2022)

Alaskans intercepting a lot of BC salmon: study (January 2022)

Guest Column:  Tipping Point Theory - Are There Too Many Salmon in the North Pacific Ocean? (February 2022)

Congress on Track to Approve Catastrophic Investment in Northwest Hatcheries, Undermining Wild Salmon Recovery (November 2021)

Fish Management

PW: OPINION: Keeping Albacore on Pacific Northwest Menus Requires Leadership (July 2022)

Marine Protected Areas

Retraction of flawed MPA study implicates larger problems in MPA science (December 2021)

Antiquities Act Multigroup Letter to President Biden (December 2021)

Retraction: Study of marine protected areas deemed flawed with conflict of interest (December 2021)

Close Quarters: Ocean zoning pushes fisheries to the brink (September 2021)


The cost of a fish sandwich: Why we need to reduce bycatch by Alaska’s trawl fleet (November 2021)

Rick Marks - Legislation/Policy Update

Recovering America’s Wildlife Act Gains Significant Momentum With House Passage (June 2022)

*PW = Paywall