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Other Articles of Interest 2018
Other Articles of Interest  2018

Federal Legislation
Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act of 2017 (S.793/H.R.1456) v. Sustainable Shark
Fisheries Trade Act of 2018 (S.2764/H.R.5248)

Wicker Introduces Bill to Advance American Aquaculture (June 2018)

Senators Introduce Bill to Protect Whales, Dolphins, Sea Turtles from Driftnets Apr 2018)

Recovering America’s Wildlife Act - HR 4647

H.R. 6267 To establish an Ocean Acidification Advisory Board, expand and improve
the research on Ocean Acidification (June 2018)

H.R. 6270 Examining the impact of ocean acidification and other stressors in estuarine
environments (June 2018)

Fisheries Management
Cook Inlet salmon task force off to bumpy start (June 2018)

NPAFC news release on salmon catches for 2017 (May 2018)

Conservationists, West Coast bottom fishermen embrace ‘grand bargain’ (April 2018)

Alaska Sea Grant: Interactive map of Alaska commercial fisheries launched (March 2018)

Descending Devices: Protections for fragile rockfish broaden to include sportfish anglers
(February 2018)

Prioritizing West Coast Chinook salmon stocks for Southern Resident killer whale recovery
(July 2018)

North Coast fishing grounds key to orca recovery: DFO (July 2018)

Inslee signs executive order to protect orcas, Chinook salmon (March 2018)

Canada: Allowable catch of Chinook to be cut by up to 35% to protect southern resident
killer whales (May 2018)

Raising millions of salmon to help feed our Southern Resident orcas (April 2018)

Seafood Certification, Health Fraud, Illegal fishing
Sea To Table Defends Actions but Ex-Employees Raise Concerns (July 2018)

Transshipment: Something fishy on the high seas (July 2018)

New Rule Combats Illegal, Fraudulent Seafood (January 2018)

Positively Groundfish is the new handle for the West Coast Groundfish Marketing Initiative

NOAA Seeks Information on IUU Fishing, Bycatch, and Shark Catch (May 2018)

California Bay Delta
Delta tunnels get ‘real’ as backers seek $1.6B loan from Trump administration (July 2018)

New California Water Plan Aimed at Boosting Fish Habitat (July 2018)

Meet the New Entity in Charge of California’s Water Tunnels Project (July 2018)

A million salmon were released into the Sacramento River. So why are anglers unhappy?
(May 2018)

Long Road Still Ahead for California’s Delta Tunnels Plan (April 2018 )

Marine Debris
Marine Debris Bill Unanimously Passes House (July 2018)

California Ocean Litter Prevention Strategy: Addressing Marine Debris from Source to
Sea (June 2018)

A giant floating trash collector will try to scoop up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
(August 2018)

Ocean Energy, Planning, MPA’s
Trump’s new oceans policy washes away Obama’s emphasis on conservation and climate
(June 2018)

Congressman Panetta Introduces National Ocean Policy Act to Protect Ocean Resilience
and Economy (June 2018)

Washington Adopts Plan For Evaluating New Ocean Projects, Protecting Fisheries
(June 2018)

OSU Submits Draft License For Nation’s First Full-Scale, Utility Connected Wave Energy
Test Site (April 2018)

Bigger Is Not Better for Ocean Conservation - The New York Times (March 2018)

Fish in protected areas found 4 times more than elsewhere (January 2018)

Electronic Monitoring
CDFW Launches Electronic Reporting System for Commercial Fish Landings (July 2018)

NOAA: Developing Machine Vision to Collect More Timely Fisheries Data (May 2018)

Keeping Boats on the Water - Genetic analysis reveals potential good news for the
Washington coastal Chinook troll fishery (March 2018)

FishGen.net: An Online Genetic Repository for Salmon and Steelhead Genetic Baselines
(July 2018)

Fishgen.net video presentation (Jesse McCane, IDFG 2015)

Pacific Salmon Treaty
Fearing another Chinook cut, Sitka’s troll fleet calls on President Trump (June 2018)

The Pacific Salmon Treaty Trials, Tribulations and a Tribute: An Editorial (May 2018)

Endangered Species Act
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA Fisheries seek public input on proposed reforms
to improve and modernize implementation of the Endangered Species Act (July 2019)

Alaska Salmon/Cod 2018
Alaska Salmon Forecast & In-Season Harvest Update (August 14 2018)

Yakutat sockeye fishery blindsided by historic low return (July 2018)

For Alaska sockeye salmon, record highs in Bristol Bay, record lows nearly everywhere
else (July 2018)

Chignik fishermen stuck ashore as sockeye run fails (July 2018)

Alaska: Poor salmon runs result in low harvests, disaster request (June 2018)

Governor calls for federal disaster declaration for Pacific cod fishery (March 2018)

Pebble Mine
Pebble mine environmental review continues after Gov. Walker seeks delay (July 2018)

Columbia River Treaty
Lead Columbia River Treaty Negotiators For U.S., Canada Hear Views In Spokane Forum
From Both Sides Of Border (July 2018)

Columbia River Treaty Negotiators Hear Views In Spokane Forum From Both Sides Of
Border (July 2018)

A Baby Boom Is Helping West Coast Starfish Recover After Die-Off (June 2018)