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Other Articles of Interest (2015)
Other Articles of Interest (2015)

NOAA Update

NOAA Technical Memorandum: Prioritizing Fish Stock Assessments (August 2015)

NOAA: Final Report: The Economics of Independent Marine Recreational Fishing Bait and
Tackle Retails Stores in the United States, 2013 (July 2015)

NOAA's Bycatch Strategy



Puget Sound Wild Steelhead Gene Bank Selection Process

WDFW Implements Changes In Kalama River Steelhead Management to Limit Hatchery
Fish in Upriver Spawning Grounds (June 2015)

Waiting For Federal EIS on Puget Sound Hatchery Steelhead Programs, WDFW to Release Fish into Inland Lakes (June 2015)

A Fresh Look at Fish Supplementation (May 2015)


Columbia River

FERC Releases Draft EIS For Proposed Natural Gas Terminal/Pipeline In Columbia River
Estuary (August 2015)

Region Takes Baby Steps Toward Salmon Reintroduction Above Grand Coulee NOAA
(August 2015)

Seine fishery starts counting toward wild-salmon allocation (June 2015)

Salmon/Hydro Managers Consider Operation Changes for Libby Dam/Kootenai River Flows During Low Water Year (May 2015)

Use Water Now Or Later? Fish/Hydro Managers Make Flow Choices to Keep Juvenile
Salmon Moving Downstream (May 2015)


Climate Change – Artic

Warmer, lower-oxygen oceans will shift marine habitats (June 2015)


West Coast Drought

NOAA Video: California Drought: Protecting Salmon (August 2015)

Hot, Dry Weather, Low Water Levels, Spell Trouble For Canada’s Fraser River Sockeye
Salmon (August 2015)

Managing Columbia River Water Resources In Hot, Dry Year Is Balancing Act (August 2015)

Special Operations For Snake River Sockeye Continuing (August 2015)

H.R.2898 - Western Water and American Food Security Act of 2015

Don't Blame Fish for California's Water Shortage (July 2015)

Below-average runoff in May has triggered dry-year operations in the Columbia River Basin (July 2015)

Yakima River Irrigators Reroute Water for Fish (July 2015)

Washington: Snowpack drought has salmon dying in overheated rivers (July 2015)

Thousands of salmon die in hotter-than-usual Northwest rivers (July 2015)

Experimental River Operations at Little Goose, Lower Granite Go Into Effect to Aid Sockeye
(July 2015)

Finding Water for Columbia River Fish in A Low Flow Year; Most Comes From Canada
Storage Reservoirs (July 2015)

Warm Water Temps Prompt USFWS to Move Warm Springs Hatchery Salmon to Hatchery
with Cooler Water (July 2015)

Oregon Considering Removing Recreational Fishing Bag Limits On Warmwater Fish (July

Deadly fish disease found in lower Klamath River (July 2015)

Oregon Hatchery Salmon Trucked Out as Water Temperatures Rise (July 2015)

Columbia Basin Water Supply: Rivers, Streams Now Flowing At Late Summer Levels (July

Biologists bring sockeye into Idaho on trucks to get them out of hot water (July 2015)

Heat-Stressed Large Sturgeon Dying; States Close Sturgeon Fishing From Bonneville Dam
to Mid-Columbia (July 2015)

Finding Water for Columbia River Fish in A Low Flow Year; Most Comes From Canadian
Storage Reservoirs (July 2015)

Officials in Teleconference Detail Situation, Issues Associated with Basin’s ‘Snow Drought'
(July 2015)

Snake River Sockeye Trapped, Transported At Lower Granite; ‘Fish Are Stressed and In
Rough Condition (July 2015)

Deschutes salmon deaths (July 2015)

Drought prompts fishing moratorium for sturgeon on Columbia, Snake rivers (July 2015)

WDFW: Drought conditions prompt fishing closures, restrictions on numerous rivers (July 2015)

ODFW has curtailed fishing hours to avoid additional stress on native fish (July2015)

Washington asks public to report drought-stranded fish (July 2015)

Drought Conditions Force Difficult Management Decisions for Sacramento River Temperatures (June 2015)

Mounting Effects of Drought Prompts California to Adopt Emergency Regulations for Closing Fisheries (June 2015)

Warm water expected to keep killing Willamette River salmon (June 2015)

California salmon get ‘fish-lift’ due to drought, development (May 2015)



State to begin emergency effort to kill invasive weed in Anchorage's Lake Hood (July 2015)

Salmon threatened by invasive and predatory Northern Pike (June 2015)

Rep. Mike Thompson Honored at Invasive Species Coalition Congressional Reception (June 2015)

H.R.1485 - Federal Lands Invasive Species Control, Prevention, and Management Act

Asian carp advance to the Great Lakes has stalled, Army Corps of Engineers tells Congress (February 2015)


Ocean (Conditions, Bering Sea, Acidity, Bloom, Blob)

Warm water puts B.C.’s Fraser River sockeye run at risk (August 2015)

Washington state doubles crab closure area due to marine toxin (August 2015)

Toxic algae bloom in Pacific even larger than thought (August 2015)

Cantwell Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Establish National Ocean Acidification Monitoring Strategy (July 2015)

Monitoring seawater reveals ocean acidification risks to Alaskan shellfish hatchery (July 2015)

Ocean Record warm temperatures to have years-long effect on B.C. salmon stocks (July 2015)

Researchers pinpoint massive harmful algal bloom (June 2015)

Biggest-ever toxic algal bloom hits West Coast, shutting down shellfish industries (June 2015)

El Nino Can Raise Sea Levels along US West Coast (May 2015)




World Ocean Council: Comments on the National Ocean Policy (June 2015)


Magnuson Act:

S.1403 - Florida Fisheries Improvement Act

NMFS proposes revisions to the guidelines for National Standards (NS) 1, 3, and 7 of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA) (January 2015)


Bills containing provisions to limit Administration’s executive authority Marine Sanctuaries & Monuments

S.437 - Improved National Monument Designation Process Act

HR 330 - Marine Access and State Transparency or the MAST Act

H.R.332 - To amend the National Marine Sanctuaries Act to prescribe an additional requirement for the designation of marine sanctuaries off the coast of Alaska.


Protected/ESA Species

NGO coalition requests CA take urgent action to prevent whale entanglements in Dungeness crab & other fixed-gear fisheries (April 2015)

H.R.564 - Endangered Salmon and Fisheries Predation Prevention Act

“Under the Microscope: An examination of the questionable science and lack of independent peer review in Endangered Species Act listing decisions” (December 2014)

NOAA: Recovering predators create new wildlife management challenges (June 2015)



S.371 - A bill to remove a limitation on a prohibition relating to permits for discharges incidental to normal operation of vessels

S.373 - Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (HR 980)

Report language - Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (S.373) (July 2015)


IUU Fishing & Seafood Fraud

Presidential Task Force on Combating IUU Fishing and Seafood Fraud (March 2015)

H.R.774 - Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing Enforcement Act of 2015 (Passed) ; S.1334

H.R.3282 - To strengthen Federal consumer protection and product traceability with respect to commercially marketed seafood, and for other purposes




Review of Satterthwaite et al. 2015: Multidisciplinary Evaluation of the Feasibility of Parentage-Based Genetic Tagging (PBT) for Management of Pacific Salmon (August 2015)

Multidisciplinary Evaluation of the Feasibility of Parentage-Based Genetic Tagging (PBT) for Management of Pacific Salmon (April 2015)



Tribes blast feds’ Klamath plan (August 2015)

S.133 - Klamath Basin Water Recovery and Economic Restoration Act of 2015

Adapting to Drought and Climate Change in the Upper Klamath Basin Comprehensive Agreement (July 2015)



California unveils revised blueprint for Delta tunnels (July 2015)



The California Fish and Game Commission: Changes to Recreational Tuna Regulations Now in Effect (July 2015)

PEW: House bill severely undercuts nation's progress in fisheries management (July 2015)

NOAA/ NPFMC North Pacific Fishery Management Council, announces intent to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for a bycatch management program for Gulf of Alaska trawl groundfish fisheries (July 2015)

Federal Efforts in Ecosystem-Based Management (May 2015)

NOAA: New Paper Demystifies Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management (April 2015)

Ray Hilborn: Analysis Shows California Sardine Decline not Caused by too High Harvest Rate (April 2015)

Council cuts halibut bycatch in Bering Sea (June 2015)

Fishery council chops halibut-discard limit by 25% (June 2015)

Halibut survival is the focus of AK sport fish operators (June 2015)

Dumping of halibut sparks fight among North Pacific fishing fleets (May 2015)

Canary rockfish, petrale sole rebounding off West Coast (June 2015)

Tagging Toddler Halibut (June 2015)



Barge carrying marine debris arrives in Seattle (August 2015)

Monster marine debris barge arrives in Kodiak (July 2015)

State of AK Complex Marine Debris Removal (July 2015)

Microplastic particles move up marine food chain on B.C. coast: research (June 2015)


PROTECTED SPECIES (Mammals, Birds, Turtles)

Public comment period opens for NOAA’s proposed rule to protect marine mammals in international fisheries (August 2015)

Killing cormorants: Study finding culling to have no impact ignored, Audubon Society says (August 2015)

Whale entanglements increasing off B.C. coast (July 2015)

Studying Killer Whales with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (July 2015)

For sea lions, a feast of salmon on the Columbia (July 2015)

Final 2015 Sea Lion Predation Report: 8,474 Salmonids Taken Below Bonneville Dam, Over Twice 10-Year Average (June 2015)

Responders say at least 9 endangered fin whales found dead near Alaska's Kodiak Island (June 2015)

Hey Enormous Fake Orca, You Had One Job (June 2015)

Corp Slows Down Cormorant Culling In Columbia River Estuary Due To Nesting Birds (June 2015)

Time to go? Federal hunters prepare to kill salmon-eating birds (May 2015)

Culling Cormorants Begins: Goal Is To Reduce 15,000 Breeding Pairs to Under 6,000 by 2018 (May 2015)

Scientists Update Estimates of Avian Predation on young salmonids in the Columbia River Basin (May 2015)

Latest Status Report Shows Sea Lion Presence at Bonneville Dam This Year Smashing Single Day Records (May 2015)

Monterey considers electric sea lion deterrence (May 2015)

Fish-stealing whales take bite out of black cod harvest in Gulf of Alaska (April 2015)



Elwha: Several New Studies Detail Impacts of Largest Dam Removal Project in US History (February 2015)



Canadian aquaculture report falls short: critics (July 2015)

NOAA & Canada's Department of Fisheries & Oceans Partner on Regulation of Aquaculture

NOAA Recommends $4.8m for 16 Saltonstall-Kennedy Aquaculture Projects (July 2015)

Genetically Modified Salmon: Coming to a River Near You? (June 2015)

Fish farm company appeals Federal Court decision (June 2015)

Is Salmon Raised on Land the Future of Seafood? (June 2015)

US Army Corps of Engineers Regulation of Offshore Aquaculture (March 2015)



Eklutna River, AK: Death to a deadbeat dam (August 2015)

Susitna dam, other Alaska megaprojects inch forward despite moratorium July 19, 2015

Oregon board delays ruling on logging buffers to cool streams (July 2015)

NOAA Fisheries input on CA sand mining helps protect key fish habitat (July 2015)

WA: State must fix hundreds of fish-blocking culverts (July 2015)

Crab Collaboration: NOAA Supports Graduate Student’s Research on Mining Impacts to Red King Crab Habitat in Norton Sound (June 2015)

Proposed floodplain restoration protects farmland, reduces flood risk, and restores salmon in Tillamook County, Oregon (Summer 2015)

Shellfish farmers lick wounds, hire PR help (June 2015)

Clean Water Act: “Waters of the United States” Rule Faces Political, Legislative, and Legal Challenges – (June 2015)

What the Santa Barbara Oil Spill Means for Local Seafood (May 2015)

CDFW: Regulation Revisions Under Way for the Commercial Harvest of Marine Algae (May 2015)



Biologists hope Yukon chinook salmon's rebound will continue (July 2015)

As Chinook Cross into Canada, Fall Chum Begin Running on the Yukon (July 2015)

Alaska planning strict chinook conservation (June 2015)

2015 Yukon River Salmon Fisheries Outlook (May 2015)

Uncovering what’s Behind Fluctuations in Yukon River Chinook Salmon Populations (June 2015)

Sport fishermen slow to respond with applications for $4.6 million in fisheries disaster aid (May 2015)



Commentary: Bristol Bay's rivers, rich salmon runs still need permanent protection (August 2015)



PFMC Wave, Tidal, and Offshore Wind Energy Webpage

M3 Wave Announces Successful Deployment of Submerged Wave Energy Device Off Oregon Coast (September 2014)



MSC seeking stakeholder feedback on a new traceability tool (August 2015)

Canada: Sustainable label confusion thrives in lack of regulation (August 2015)

NOAA to track abalone, cod, grouper in new crackdown (July 2015)

PSPA and ASPA Sign Agreement to Transfer MSC Certificate for Alaska Salmon (July 2015)

NY Times: A Renegade Trawler, Hunted for 10,000 Miles by Vigilantes (July 2015)

Oceana: One Name, One Fish: Why Seafood Names Matter (July 2015)

The National Ocean Council Committee on IUU Fishing and Seafood Fraud is seeking public input for an effective seafood traceability program (July 2015)

Presidential Initiative on Combating Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing and Seafood Fraud (Spring 2015)



Still no recovery plan for coho salmon, advocacy groups sue NOAA (July 2015)

Two scientific reports now available on Puget Sound steelhead status and recovery (June 2015)



DFO- Fraser River Sockeye and Pink Update - Areas 11 to 29 - August 19, 2015

Study identifies fish vulnerable to trawling (August 2015)

AK: Finding clues to disappearing Chinook salmon: Updates (July 2015)

Appeals court upholds California's shark fin ban (July 2015)

Tough days for salmon as Fraser River hotter, lower than expected (7/6/15)

Pacific Coast Federation's Zeke Grader to Retire After 40 Year Career (July 2015)

Native American tribes in Northwest kick off yearly harvest of primitive, eel-like fish (June 2015)

A Little Fish with Big Impact in Trouble on U.S. West Coast (June 2015)

The Endurance Array off the Pacific Northwest coast near completion (June 2015)

Chemical tags in ear bones track Alaska’s Bristol Bay salmon (May 2015)