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Other Articles of Interest

Marine Mammal Entanglements
Humpback whale found off San Onofre freed from most entanglements (July 2017)

To catch more crab, use pots wisely (July 2017)

Untangled Oregon: Fishermen address whale entanglement as a lawsuit looms
(July 2017)

Whale calf died after getting tangled in crab lines (May 2017)

Ocean Conditions
Canary in the kelp forest (April 2017)

Ocean Conditions, Sea Lions Faulted For Low Willamette Steelhead Return;
Only 822 Wild Winter Steelhead (July 2017)

Groups Intend To Challenge Summer Steelhead Hatchery Program For Willamette,
Santiam Rivers (March 2017)

Seattle’s new seawall built to make life easier for fish (July 2017)

Culvert case decision ‘Win for Salmon’ in Washington (May 2017)

Long-Term Exxon Spill Impact Study Looks At How Different Species Reacted, Recovered
( May 2017)

Bering Sea/Bristol Bay/Yukon
Yukon River fishermen get first chance to sell kings since 2011 ...

University of Washington’s FRI finds Bristol Bay salmon smolt thriving in warming waters
(June 2017)

Young Pollock survival better than expected during most recent Bering Sea warm phase
(June 2017)

Alaska Murre die off led to reproductive failure for survivors (May 2017)

Invasive Species
‘Blob’ blamed for bringing invasive crab to Puget Sound (May 2017)

Drones dive deep to hunt lionfish (July 2017)

Columbia River
2017 Snake River Sockeye Return To Lower Snake Dams Nearly Complete, Passage
Numbers Low Compared To 10-Year Average (July 2017)

Steelhead runs hit lowest number in decades (July 2017)

Irrigators-want-investigation-of-fish-management (July 2017)

Dam Removal: Eklutna, Elwha, Condit, San Clemente
Multimillion-dollar Carmel River channel project bore brunt of winter storms, may still
support steelhead July 2017

Appropriations Bill Includes Language Prohibiting Dam Removal Without Congress OK
(July 2017)

Appeals Court Upholds Decision Allowing Hatchery Fish In Elwha River Salmon Recovery
(April 2017)

New Life Along Washington State’s Elwha River (December 2016)

Fish recolonizing areas upriver of former dam sites on Elwha River August 2017)

Condit Dam: Life after the breach (October 2016)

Demolition set to begin on eklutnas ‘deadbeat dam’ (June 2017)

Protected Species (Mammals, Birds)
Jaime Herrera Beutler’s Bill to remove limited numbers of sea lions Approved by
Congressional Committee (July 2017)

Willamette Falls Pinniped Monitoring Project Report (October 2016)

Where the Whales Are: First estimates of whale abundance in offshore Gulf of Alaska find
some species recovering while others remain depleted 35 years after whaling
(February 2017)

S.1425 - Coordinated Ocean Monitoring and Research Act (June 2017)

S. 1322: To establish the American Fisheries Advisory Committee to assist in the awarding
of fisheries research and development grants, and for other purposes (June 2017)

Congressman Farenthold Introduces Shark Finning Bill (July 2017)

Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act or “SHARE Act.” (July 2017)

House Passes Valadao GROW Act to “restore water deliveries” (July 2017)

Feinstein, Harris Oppose House Water Bill (July 2017)

S.1436 - National Fish Habitat Conservation Act (June 2017)

H.R.2344 - Crab Emergency Disaster Assistance Act of 2017 (May 2017)

Electronic Catch Reporting
Pacific Fishery Management Council Recommends Electronic Monitoring Program For
Some West Coast Groundfish Fisheries (April 2017)

Marine Protected Areas/Monuments
Marine reserves a solution to bycatch problem in oceans (August 2017)

Australia seeks to extend commercial fishing in protected waters (July 2017)

Marine Debris /Derelict Ships
Not shipshape cleaning up after abandoned vessels sink is complicated (July 2017)

H.R. 2748, the Save Our Seas Act of 2017 (May 2017)

Federal and State Actions, Expenditures, and Challenges to Addressing abandoned and
Derelict Vessels (March 2017)

Asian nations make plastic oceans promise (June 2017)

Remote island turns into dump after 38 million pieces trash wash ashore (May 2017)

Derelict fishing gear pacific northwest (April 2017)

Marine Energy Act (May 2017)

Pebble Mine
Small pebble will become big pebble and the answer is still no (June 2017)

Aquaculture, GMO Salmon
Aquaculture booms amid fears of overfishing (July 2017)

Bill rider holds GE salmon at bay (July 2017)

With state support, mariculture is on the rise in Alaska (July 2017)

Laser-firing underwater drones protect Norway’s salmon supply by incinerating lice
(June 2017)

Seafood Health - Certification
To help stop illegal fishing, ban practice of transshipment on high seas researchers say
(May 2017)

Fish fight: Scientists battle over the true harm of mercury in tuna (March 2017)

Judge deals setback to NFI lawsuit opposing NOAA traceability rule (June 2017)

Automated trailers cut fish marking time considerably (July 2017)

Low sockeye salmon returns lead to Fraser River fishery closure (July 2017)

NOAA Recognizes ‘Hero’ helping save White Abalone from extinction (June 2017)

Santa Cruz county's endangered coho salmon and the fight to save it (May 2017)