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Deadline for written questions: 7.28.2017
Deadline for submissions: 8.25.2017
RFP Updated 7.14.2017

The general goal of this task is to provide timely information by gear, area, and season on activities undertaken by the groundfish fleet. The specific goals of this task and the activities undertaken by NOAA Fisheries are:
1. Improve management of groundfish by improving estimate of total catch, primarily through ongoing collection of information on at sea discarded catch which will complement shore side information on landed catch
2. Improve estimates of total catch of prohibited and protected species in the groundfish fishery
3. Improve management by collecting better biological and economic information from the groundfish fishery
4. Provide a timely and efficient system for collection, storage, analysis and communication of information

Posted: 7.3.2017

WC Observer RFP Q&A 8-8-17

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