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2012 Annual Meeting Briefing Book Webpage


How do hatchery and wild salmon and steelhead interact? (May)
WDFW seeks public comment Elwha River on hatchery plan (June)
Let’s go fishin’: Quarter-million salmon pass through Santa Cruz  (June)


NOAA: West Coast Catch Share Program Sees Conservation & Economic Benefits in First Year (July)
Implications of Mark-Selective Fishing for Ocean Harvests and Escapements of Sacramento River Fall Chinook Salmon (June)
Using Grizzly Bears to Assess Harvest-Ecosystem Tradeoffs in Salmon Fisheries (April)
Status of the Stocks Report brings promising news for Pacific Coast fisheries
Lenfest:  Forage Fish Task Force Little Fish Big Impact (April)
NOAA: National Observer Program FY 2011 Annual Report (April)
The 15th Annual Report to Congress on 2011 Stock Status:  Record of rebuilt fisheries (May)
Strange Bedfellows Call for Adequate Fish Funding (May)
Stock Assessment 101 Series: Part 1—Data Required for Assessing U.S. Fish Stocks (May)


Seafood Fraud: Oceana Study Finds 31% Mislabeled In South Florida (July)
Markey, Frank file legislation aimed at stopping seafood mislabeling (July)
FDA sued over mercury-in-fish advisory (July)
Alaska Salmon Fishery Re-Enters Assessment for Third Certification (July)
Gulf Seafood Trace Program
Project CROOS and Pacific Fish Trax
Study: Guidance for Consumers about Fish Consumption (June)
The Truth About That Sushi Tuna and Radiation Report
Bluefin tuna record Fukushima radioactivity (May)
Processors affirm plans to drop eco-label, MSC fires back (May)


NOAA Releases Proposed Recovery Plan For ESA-Listed Lower Columbia Salmonids (May)
FWS Reaches Settlement Agreement on ESA Work Plan (May)
Treaty fishing rights are at risk, Western Washington tribes say (July)


Peer Review Panel Report on Draft Klamath Dam Removal Overview Report for the Secretary of the Interior (March 2012)
Salazar Praises Work of Klamath Agreements Parties (February 2012)
Interior Issues Draft Overview Report on Klamath Dam Removal Studies (January 2012)


Research: Barged Smolts Don’t Suffer From Transport, Issue Is ‘Accelerated Timing Of Ocean Entry' (June)
Corps Versus Cormorants on in Columbia Estuary: Round Two (June)
Research On ESA-Listed Columbia River Eulachon Smelt Looks At Habitat Needs, Other Factors (April)


NOAA makes $250,000 in grants available to states impacted by tsunami debris (July)
Seabirds Study Shows Plastic Pollution Reaching Surprising Levels Off Coast of Pacific Northwest (July)
NOAA Status Update on Japan Tsunami Marine Debris June 14
ODFW  Tsunami Site
Gov. Gregoire announces state actions to address Japan tsunami debris (June)
NOAA-led survey of Southeast Alaska beaches for tsunami debris (June)
Cantwell: Debris from Japan  tsunami in is a national problem (June)
NOAA Marine Debris Program (Tsunami Debris)
West Coast braces for tsunami debris arrival (June)
1.5 tons of invasive species stripped from Tsunami dock (June)
Debris from Japan tsunami arriving sooner (May)


Brown proposes massive water tunnel under the Delta (July)
California Tries Barging Sacramento River Salmon To Improve Survival (May)
Water Wars in California’s Central Valley Take New Turn (May)


Washington shellfish at risk (July)
Kachemak Bay researchers look for acidification trends (July)
El Niño May Show Up By Fall (July)
Federal Interagency Working Group on Ocean Acidification
Willapa Bay oyster grower sounds alarm, starts hatchery in Hawaii (June)
Acid Test for Marine Life (June)
OSU unveils new seafloor mapping of Oregon’s nearshore ocean (April)
Phytoplankton Under Artic Ice (June)
Increasing Ocean CO2 May Affect Food Webs, Salmon Populations (April)
New Bering Sea Research Documents Changing Ecosystem Impacts On Alaska’s Fish, Wildlife (June)


Feds  Revise Guidelines for Development of Wave Energy/Ocean Current Technologies (July)
Research Recommends Sound Threshold For Ocean Energy Projects To Project Salmon, Marine Animals (June 2012)
Company will test wave buoys near Cape Arago (May 2012)
PFMC’s database of active and defunct hydrokinetic projects (March 2011)


Alaska Officials Speak Out Against New National Ocean Policy (June)
Analysis of United States MPAs March 2012
California Marine Life Protection Act Initiative
National Ocean Policy Draft Implementation Plan (January)


NOAA: Aquaculture Research Plan Available for Public Comment (July)
Wild fish responsible for BC virus outbreak: fisheries experts (June)
Virus Outbreaks Deadly For Northwest Fish Farms (June)
The Genetically Engineered Salmon That Could Soon Run Wild (June)
Physiological consequences of the salmon louse on juvenile pink salmon (June)
Senate Rejects Alaska Senator’s Amendment On Tightening Regulations For Genetically-Engineered Salmon (May)
ISA Salmon virus claim disputed – Canada (April)
Hope fades for future of Canada cod farming (July)
The First Global Standards for Salmon Farming (July)
Fish farmers: Cost of raising fish on dry land prohibitive (May)


NMFS to Hold Peer Review of Steller Sea Lion Bi-OP, Industry Tests Low Cost Drone Surveys (June 2012)
Impacts of Inadequate Prey/Vessel Traffic on an Endangered Killer Whale Population (June)
Judge Denies Motion To Stop Killing Sea Lions At Dam (June)
Killer whale at risk due to inadequate prey population (June)
California Sea Lion Numbers In Lower Columbia This Year Far Below 2003’s Peak Count Of 104 (May)
Draft NOAA/DFO Report: Effects of Salmon Fisheries on Southern Resident Killer Whales (May)
NOAA proposes removing eastern Steller sea lions from endangered species list - Agency seeks public comment (April)
Sea Lion Removal Supporters Urge Action On Pending Fisheries Predation Legislation (March)


NOAA, partners meet to explore climate change and coastal tribes (July)
Climate change drives salmon evolution (July)
Back-to-back La Niñas cooled globe and influenced extreme weather in 2011 (July)
West Coast  Projected Sea Level Rise (June)
Research shows humans are primary cause of global ocean warming over past 50 years (June)
Study finds stream temperatures don’t parallel warming climate trend (May)


NW States seek federal help fighting mussel scourge (July)
Keeping Pike Out Of Salmon Country: Pend Oreille Netting Effort Puts Dent In Predator Population (May)
Invasive mussels on the move toward Northwest (May)
Quagga Mussels Reach Record Numbers in Lake Mead (May)
Anglers Prohibited From Using Felt Soles In Alaska Fresh Waters (February)


Benefits to Salmonids from Reductions in Predation by East Sand Island Double-crested Cormorants (December 2011)
House Passes  Language Addressing Avian Predation On Columbia River Salmon (June)
Oregon Seeks Drone Use To Monitor Salmon-Eating Cormorants, Possibly Do Wildlife Surveys (July)
2011 Avian Predation Report: Cormorants Consume 20 Million Salmonids, Terns Take 4.8 Million (July)


New Canada Project to Remotely Detect Lost Crab Pots (July)
Sportfishing Industry Launches FishSmart Tackle Program (July)
Feds, States, Tribes Sign Agreement Pledging Cooperation, Information Sharing On Protecting Lamprey (July)
Team to tackle problem of disappearing AK king salmon (July)
EPA releases for public comment draft scientific study of Bristol Bay Watershed (May)
Sportfishers to Help Researchers Study Marine Bass off San Diego (July)
Alaska governor seeks disaster aid for weak salmon runs (July)
Copper exposed salmon prone to predators (July 2012)
EPA releases for public comment draft scientific study of Bristol Bay Watershed (May)
Study Looks At Fraser River Sockeye Decline (June)
Oregon Anti-Gillnet Initiative Will Likely Make Ballot (June)
Three keys to Fraser River sockeye decline (May)
Sockeye productivity down dramatically, study finds (July)
Begich Travels to Western Alaska for Fishery Disaster Discussion (June)
Bipartisan Farm Bill Amendment to Provide Disaster Relief Loans to Commercial Fishermen and Passes Full Senate (June)
GoldenGate Salmon Association:  Salmon Declaration of Support