Fishing Community Profiles

This section is a collection of West and East Coast fishing community profiling efforts prepared by federal agencies (National Marine Fisheries Service), academic researchers and EFIN. These efforts result in profiles of regions of the Mid-Atlantic, Atlantic, New England, West Coast and North Pacific.

2011. California's North Coast Fishing Communities: Historical Perspective and Recent Trends. California Sea Grant Technical Report T-072, La Jolla: California Sea Grant, 340 pp.
Entire document available .pdf format (6.3 mb)
2006. A Pilot Study in Two West Coast Marine Fishing Communities, Astoria and Newport, Oregon: Perspectives From Fishing Community Members. By Jennifer Langdon-Pollock, Economic Fisheries Information Network/PSMFC.
Entire document available .pdf format (882 KB), Entire document available .zip format (732 KB)
2004. West Coast Marine Fishing Community Descriptions. By Jennifer Langdon-Pollock, Economic Fisheries Information Network/PSMFC. Prepared for the Pacific Fisheries Management Council.
Entire document available .pdf format (~2.3MB), Entire document available .zip format (~1.7MB), Pages 1-18 (~58 KB), Pages 19-33 (~753 KB), Pages 34-54 (~55 KB), Pages 55-64 (~32 KB), Pages 65-84 (~48 KB), Pages 85-95 (~33 KB), Appendix pages 96-153 (~1.3 MB),
2004. Fishing Communities of the North Pacific: Social Science Research at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, By Jennifer Sepez and Christina Package. AFSC Quarterly Report: 1-11.
2002. Identifying Fishing Dependent Communities: Development and Confirmation of a Protocol. By Steve Jacob, Michael Jepson, Carlton Pomeroy, David Mulkey, Chuck Adams and Suzanna Smith. A MARFIN Project and Report to the NMFS Southeast Fisheries Science Center.
2001. New England's Fishing Communities. By Madeline Hall-Arber et al. Revised version of the final report for the Northeast MARFIN grant #NA87FF0547.
2000. Fishing Ports of the Mid-Atlantic. By Bonnie McCay and Marie Cieri. A Report to the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council, Dover, Delaware.
1998. Social and Cultural Impact Assessment of the Highly Migratory Species Management Plan and the Amendment to the Atlantic Billfish Management Plan. By Douglas Wilson and Bonnie J. McCay. Prepared for the Highly Migratory Species Office, National Marine Fisheries Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, New Brunswick, NM: The Ecopolicy Center.
1996. An Appraisal of the Social and Cultural Aspects of the Multispecies Groundfish Fishery in the New England and the Mid-Atlantic Regions. By David Griffith and Christopher L. Dyer. Prepared under Contract Number 50-DGNF-5-00008 between The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and Aguirre International. HTML version or PDF file (1.1MB).

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