Gulf of Alaska Trawl Economic Data Report Program

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In December 2014, NMFS issued a final rule to implement the Gulf of Alaska (GOA) Trawl Economic Data Report Program to evaluate the economic effects of current and potential future fishery managment measures for the GOA trawl fisheries. This data collection program will provide the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) and NMFS with baseline economic information on harvesters, crew, processors, and communities active in the GOA trawl fisheries, which will be used to assess the impacts of anticipated future GOA trawl groundfish managment measure on stakeholders.

EDR Requirement

Three Economic Data Reports (EDRs) are implemented by the Gulf of Alaska (GOA) trawl Economic Data Report Program; an Annual Trawl Catcher Vessel EDR, Annual Shoreside Processor EDR, and an Annual Trawl Catcher/Processor EDR.

An EDR is required by any owner or leaseholder of:

  1. any vessel named on a Limited License Program (LLP) groundfish license that authorizes a catcher vessel using trawl gear to harvest LLP groundfish species in the GOA,
  2. a shoreside processor or stationary floating processor with a Federal Processor Permit (FPP) that processes groundfish caught by vessels fishing with trawl gear in the GOA, or
  3. a vessel that is named on a Limited License Program (LLP) groundfish license that authorizes a Catcher/Processor using trawl gear to harvest and process LLP groundfish in the GOA.

The annual EDR submission deadline for the first full year is June 1, 2016, and each June 1st, thereafter.

EDR Information

Certified letters will be mailed to companies identified by NMFS who have an EDR requirement the last week in March 2022.

Included with the letter will be your password and information on how to log into the online web form.

The webform can be accessed by clicking here. The due date is June 1, 2022.

EDR Forms

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