people on tour Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC), in cooperation with it's partners, has been offering exciting and educational aerial and ground watershed tours as part of our Fish Habitat Education Program. During the last ten years, this project has provided hundreds of participants with a vivid experience of local watersheds as well as a forum for them to connect with people, resources, and information. Following the main river course along the heart of the watershed, participants are offered a unique view of the many inter-connected environmental challenges impacting our water, our habitat, our communities, and the fish and wildlife populations that lived there.

This virtual version of watershed tours offers participants a similar perspective and relevant resources in a convenient and accessible format. We intend to expand this program to include additional watershed tours so to provide viewers comparative examples of the characteristics of a variety of watersheds. Many of our watersheds are challenged and compromised by human impacts and we hope these watershed tours help to foster and support the inspiration, cooperation, and actions required to protect our watershed resources and thereby the human, fish, and wildlife populations that depend on them. Information regarding the program, how to navigate the watershed tours, and how to partner with PSMFC to set up your own watershed tour is offered below.

Come join us on a virtual watershed tour!

Newest Tours

Nisqually Watershed Tour 2010 - Powerpoint Presentation (13MB)

Samish Watershed Tour 2009 - Powerpoint Presentation (4.4MB)