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Fish Net Recycling and Marine Debris Information

Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission's Fish Net Recycling and Marine Debris Program has been a long standing program.

It got its start in 1989 to help fishermen comply with requirements of a newly ratified section of an international treaty called MARPOL (for marine pollution). This section, called Annex V, prohibited the disposal of all plastics at sea and established other waste handling regulations. It also required ports and harbors to provide "adequate disposal facilities" to allow mariners to get rid of their retained trash. To help ports reduce their waste disposal costs and to provide more environmentally preferred waste disposal opportunities, PSMFC also promoted the re-use and recycling of fishing nets, metal, wood and other items.

Through grant assistance from National Marine Fisheries Service Saltonstall-Kennedy Funds and then from the Environmental Protection Agency, PSMFC worked with a willing and innovative recycling company in Burlington, Washington to pilot nylon gillnet recycling programs. These programs are still on-going in Seattle, Bellingham, Anacortes WA and Astoria, Oregon. Efforts that had begun in Cordova, Dillingham, Naknek, Petersburg, and Kenai, Alaska in the early 1990s and ran for about 8 years before ending for a variety of reasons have recently been re-invigorated with a grant from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation supported by NOAA's Marine Debris Program.

This Fish Net Recycling and Marine Debris Program provides access to information about this program, a power point presentation, written guidelines for recycling of fishing nets and other fishing equipment, links to other efforts, and background documents are found on this site. Information about this program and its partners are found on this site.

Information on PSMFC's Fish Net and Marine Debris Recycling Work

Presentation: Recycling and Disposal of Fishing Gear and Other Marine Debris - 2010 Powerpoint Presentation

Guidance Document: Fishing Gear Recycling and Disposal Options and Guidelines

Guidance Document: Recycling Requirements for Marine Debris Clean-ups

Other Information

Japanese March 2011 Tsunami debris reached U.S. west coast. Please see NOAA's National Ocean Service website a short video and very informative podcast on the Japan tsunami debris.

Trawl Gear Recycling Available at the Port of Seattle, Fishermen's Terminal (Brochure)

A report from The National Research Board: Tackling Marine Debris in the 21st Century (2008)

West Coast Governor's Agreement on Ocean Health: Marine Debris Draft Work Plan

NOAA's Marine Debris Program

Fishing for Energy Program (a partnership effort of: NOAA, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Covanta Energy, Schnitzer Steel)

Information from Marine Debris Workshops:

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