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CARES Act - The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

CARES Act - The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

The Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act identified $300 million for fisheries and aquaculture. The PSMFC has been notified by the Department of Commerce that they will be assisting fishery participants affected by COVID-19 in Alaska, Washington, California, Oregon, Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), Federally Recognized Tribes in Alaska, and Federally Recognized Tribes on the West Coast. For information about the GSMFC and ASMFC plans, please click on the following links: https://www.gsmfc.org/cares-act.php and http://www.asmfc.org/home/cares-act-resources.

Current Status as of May 22, 2020

The Commission staff is submitting a grant application to NOAA for the funds and once approved will begin the process for distributing the funds. In the meantime, Commission staff is working with the states, tribes, and territories to provide guidance on developing spend plans consistent with the CARES Act and NOAA’s guidance. The spend plans must describe the main categories for funding, including direct payments, fishery-related infrastructure, fishery-related educationI that address direct and indirect COVID-19 impacts to commercial fishermen, charter businesses, qualified aquaculture operations, subsistence/cultural/ceremonial users, processors, and dealers. Please note, for the purposes of Sec. 12005 funding, businesses farther down the supply chain including vessel repair business, restaurants, or seafood retailers are not considered “fishery-related businesses.” Each spend plan must be reviewed and approved by NOAA.

Upon receipt and approval of the individual spend plans, the Commission staff will work with the states and territories to communicate and disseminate information, applications, and other correspondence to fishery participants for requesting funds. We will work with the entities on the best avenues for distributing correspondIence using various associations and agency contacts. Specific deadlines will be established in which all applications must be received and it will be noted that late applications will not be accepted.

Over the next few weeks, we will be updating the website with Agency and Primary contacts. In addition, we will be providing additional guidance on the overall process and estimated timelines for the application process and distribution of funds.


Summary of Allocations**
Entity Allocation of Sec. 12005
Alaska $50,000,000
Washington $50,000,000
California $18,350,586
Oregon $15,982,827
Federally Recognized Tribes on the West Coast $5,097,501
Hawaii $4,337,445
American Samoa $2,553,194
Federally Recognized Tribes in Alaska $1,000,000
Guam $1,000,000
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands $1,000,000

**Final award amounts will be different due to Hollings and other assessments.

cares-act-the-coronavirus-aid-relief-and-economic-security-act Additional Information
NOAA Fisheries: Commerce Secretary Announces Allocation of $300 Million in CARES Act Funding

At this time, applications are not available. As details become available, we will update our website.
If you have questions please e-mail cares@psmfc.org or toll-free at 877-695-3457.